A blog dedicated to f(x)'s amazing leader Victoria Song. Here you will find gifs, edits and pictures.


Victoria in MVs.

f(x) 30 day challenge: your first bias. 

↳ victoria. [x]
I can't help that I am very ambitious.

"I think what is most appealing about me is my four dimensional side. People have described me as being ‘4D.’ Sometimes when I’m being serious I could suddenly start laughing at myself for no reason. But now I’m starting to hear, ‘Victoria can actually be serious too.’ I’m not being serious, I’m probably just day dreaming. People have different preferences. I can’t make everyone like me. So I’ll try my best to give out a good impression and work hard."

 get to know me meme: female biases [1/8] ♡ song qian (f(x)’s victoria)